Craig Lamont Cased Hole Analyst READ ANSA

Meet Craig

When did you join ANSA?

I joined in 2012 and spent nearly 5 years in our Aberdeen headquarters before getting the opportunity to move to Qatar at the start of 2017. Since then I’ve been based at our Middle East hub in Doha.

How has your career evolved over the years?

After graduating from the University of Aberdeen with a degree in Chemistry, I started my career with ANSA as a Trainee Well Integrity Analyst. I then progressed to a Junior Well Integrity Analyst and eventually became a Cased Hole Analyst. The move to Qatar has really strengthened my career development with the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities leading our Middle East ANSA hub.

Describe a day in the life of a cased hole analyst?

A typical day sees me working on the interpretation of cased hole well integrity and production logs – so that involves data processing and reporting, and then presenting the results to our clients. Normally I’d do this face to face at the client’s offices, but for obvious reasons this has been taking place digitally in recent months. From a quality control perspective, I spend part of my day reviewing reports and analyses completed by other members of my team in Doha, as well as managing projects they’ve been assigned to work on. Another key part of my role is participating in regular virtual meetings with the ANSA teams in Aberdeen and Houston – this is a fantastic forum for us all to discuss and share insights into ongoing work.

Has there been a particular highlight for you during your time at ANSA?

For me, the opportunity to relocate and live in another country, experience a brand new culture and develop my skills in a leadership capacity has been a definite highlight.

What’s the best thing about being part of ANSA?

Without a doubt, it’s the team – everyone is really friendly and supportive. But more than that, we’re an extremely collaborative group, and I enjoy seeing how everyone’s analytical skills, industry experience and range of qualifications come together to deliver the best impartial and accurate answers for our customers.

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