Cement Evaluation

Gain a clear understanding of the performance of your barriers

Cement Evaluation

We have the experience and expertise to analyse cement log data and present you with an accurate picture of hydraulic isolation in your well, no matter the source of your data.

You can trust the ANSA team to interpret data acquired by all of the major technologies used in the industry, from Radial Bond Logs to ultrasonic tools such as CAST, ABI & USI.


The quality of your cement is a major factor when it comes to the safe and profitable operation of any asset.

Production Logging Services

Radial-cement-evaluation tools deliver a more accurate evaluation of cement distribution behind casing than their predecessors by providing the precise location of partial bond and channeling around the full circumference of the casing.

ANSA deploys its wealth of experience and knowledge alongside advanced data analytics techniques to get the most of your cement evaluation data-sets. 

From the individual log curves to azimuthal images (maps) of cement quality and expert VDL waveform analysis, ANSA gives you the information you need to make informed decisions quickly and with confidence. 

Ultrasonic tools usually operate by deploying a rotating transducer which emit sonic pulses and measures the reflected ultrasonic waveforms. The rate of decay of which indicates the quality of the cement bond at the interfaces surveyed.

The ANSA team can support your ultrasonic cement evaluation surveys from planning to final delivery.

With all the experience and technical know-how necessary to delivery the most accurate interpretation of your data-sets, ANSA gives you the full picture, allowing you to maximise the performance of your assets.

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Expedite your P&A operations with our rapid 3-hour cement evaluation service.

Global Support

ANSA supports service companies and operators from data hubs in the UK, US and Middle East.

Training & Consultancy

A wide range of data analysis training courses as well as advisory services.

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Specialist well integrity technologies and services to give you the full picture of your well's performance.

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