Digital Oilfield Solutions

From Data Management to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Digital Oilfield Solutions

ANSA’s unique perspective, having being at the forefront of data analytics for the oil and gas industry for over 30 years, allows us to have a birds-eye view of the digital oilfield topology.

We have the in-house expertise and the unique advantage of being exposed to data-sets coming from all four corners of the globe. From every producing region, through every data collection method and technologies and on any combination of environmental factors and potential issues and challenges, ANSA has seen it all.

Our information systems can aggregate, securely store and ultimately make available the knowledge currently untapped in your data-streams.

Overcoming the challenges of digitisation can propel your operations to new heights.

Digital Oilfield Solutions

ANSA has developed a bespoke system to deliver our data analytics results as fast, securely and efficiently as possible.

By using our Digital Delivery System (DDS) our team of analysts can get the information you need to your hands anywhere in world where there is an internet connection. Through this fully encrypted service you can access your raw data, processed data and final analytical products as well as interact directly with the experts.

DDS also maintains a permanent and fully searchable archive of all your data-sets, available and fully manageable directly by your organisation through our secure API.


Through partnerships with centres of excellence ANSA has been developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based solutions to deliver further value to our customers.

Be it through one of our existing frameworks or the development of a bespoke solution, ANSA can help you harness the power of AI & ML.

The true value of the data-sets you already own is often locked away as they sit in isolated silos within the organisation.

Our team of experts can help you unlock further value from surveys you have already acquired by re-processing legacy data, making data-sets available for time-lapse studies, digitising logs and ultimately making your information available through our Digital Delivery System.

By applying the most up to date techniques, leveraging the power of AI and Machine Learning, ANSA can reveal the hidden value of your legacy data.

Production Logging

Data analytics solutions that maximise the value of your assets.

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Our team of analysts have more than 150 years of combined data analysis experience.

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