Formation & Reservoir

Achieving the full value of pulsed neutron surveys through cutting edge data analysis

Formation & Reservoir

All over the world, customers choose ANSA’s Pulsed Neutron analysis to better understand their reservoirs. We have delivered expert evaluation of  a multitude of data-sets, covering all the major technologies and a huge geographical diversity.

Using state-of-the-art data analysis techniques, our team has hands-on experience with RAS, RPM, RST, PNX, TMD and  MPNN data amongst others.

Our experts can help both Operators and Service Companies to perform a variety of diagnostics, including mineralogy, saturation (using both sigma and carbon-oxygen approaches) and porosity.

We help you unlock the potential from your well and sustain your operational targets by:

Formation & Reservoir Services

Pulsed neutron capture or sigma logging is widely used in the industry for identifying hydrocarbon behind the casing and also to provide time-lapse saturation surveys.

This information is highly valuable for clients looking to maximise recovery and improve reservoir understanding.

Our expert are able to interpret Sigma data from various pulsed neutron tools, providing an independent and accurate result to assist your decision making.

It is widely known that Sigma application is limited in oil reservoirs with low formation water salinity. Pulsed neutron spectroscopy, or more commonly known as Carbon/Oxygen logging, is better suited to identify oil and quantify oil saturation under these circunstances.

The most modern Pulsed Neutron tools in the market usually operate a system of two or three detectors and can record in C/O mode both to memory or in surface read-out mode.

Our team of experts are always available to help from the survey planning phase all the way to the final reporting.

Also referred to as oxygen-activation logging, this technique uses the neutron generator to activate the oxygen in a slug of water. Timing the slug’s movement to the point it is picked up by the tool’s detectors giving the flow’s velocity.

But applying this technique when looking for water flow behind casing can be a complex challenge. With ANSA’s expertise we can help plan the entire survey, greatly increasing the chances of successfully determining zonal isolation.

Also known as Spectroscopy Log, this advanced technique uses the pulsed neutron generator to establish the yields of different elements in the formation.

Elemental yields are usually given as ratios, such as Fe/(Si +Ca), C/O, Cl/H, Si/(Si + Ca) etc. To deliver absolute values the data can be related back to core samples or a model can be used.

The ANSA team experts can help you expand your understanding of the near-wellbore reservoir mineralogy.

Well Testing PTA/RTA

Insightful solutions to support safe, cost-effective and efficient production.

Cement Evaluation

We help you gain a clear understanding of the performance of your barriers.

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Pulsed Neutron Logging

READ Cased Hole brings you closer to the reservoir with its cutting-edge RAS tool.

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