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Build your in-house data analytics capabilities

Training & Consultancy

We offer a full suite of data analysis training courses aimed at oil and gas professionals regardless of their current level of expertise.

With courses covering production logging, well integrity and reservoir evaluation, taught by our in-house experienced and fully qualified analysts, our training services will strengthen your knowledge of downhole data acquisition and processing. We help you extract more value out of your reports and give you the know-how to perform your own data analysis.

As well as our calendar of courses, we also offer bespoke training tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, using real-world examples taken directly from your own datasets. 

No matter your location, our trainers can bring their experience and knowledge to you, and our versatility in subject matter will help us identify the right course for your requirements.

ANSA can also work with you on a consultancy basis, advising you on crucial activities such as logging strategy, pre-job planning and toolstring design.

Our training enables you to learn and practice new skills and strengthen your knowledge of downhole data acquisition and interpretation.

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Production Logging – Foundation & Proficiency


£ 2250

Training Courses

Our production logging courses are offered at two levels:

  • Foundation & Proficiency: This course is ideal for oil and gas professionals with little or no major previous exposure to PL interpretation. It covers the basics of PL operations, tools, theory, real well applications and dataset processing and analysis.
  • Advanced: course is suitable for oil and gas professionals with existing knowledge of PL interpretation and who are looking to expand their analysis capabilities to array probe tools.

Our Well Integrity courses are offered at two levels:

The Foundation & Proficiency course is aimed at junior cased hole professionals with limited previous experience in downhole data analysis, or asset engineers looking to gain a more in-depth understanding of integrity reports.

The advanced course is suitable for cased hole professionals with prior experience in downhole data analysis of well integrity tools.

Formation & Reservoir

We can help you achieve the full value of pulsed neutron surveys through cutting edge data analysis.

Fast Turn Around Service

When you need data analysis quickly, you can rely on ANSA to respond to your requirements.

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