Well Abandonment

Informed answers to help you make confident P&A decisions

Well Abandonment

When it comes to end-of-well operations, you need absolute clarity about what’s in your well to make informed and confident decisions for well abandonment.

We understand the critical nature of an operator’s Plug & Abandonment (P&A) obligations. There are economic, operational, safety and environmental considerations. Having high quality, impartial information available at the right time is crucial. It helps keep your costs within budget. Additionally, it ensures your well operations are conducted safely and efficiently to safeguard the long-term well integrity required.

We offer a range of independent P&A analysis solutions to help you assess the condition of your mature assets and reservoirs. As a result, our expert advisors can bring valuable insight as you design and execute your P&A programs.

Here’s why you should choose ANSA as your well abandonment data partner:


Real-time answers for P&A

Do you need a quick, accurate yes/no answer about whether you can proceed with abandoning your well?

We can help expedite your P&A operations with our rapid 3-hour ISOLATION-view service.

ISOLATION-view takes a quantitative look at cement evaluation. It answers these key questions:

  • Does your cement meet the minimum footage required to abandon the well?
  • Within your well, is there the minimum interval of continuous cement required?
  • Is your well compliant with industry defined criteria? (e.g. OGUK Well Decommissioning Guidelines)

New cement logging data

Historical cement bond data

We’ll analyse newly-acquired cement logging data and advise in real-time on whether you can proceed with the abandonment stage of your P&A process.

Using your historial cement bond data, we’ll provide up-front analysis of your prior bond logging. This supports fast decision making, removes unnecessary costs from your P&A plans and eliminates uncertainty around re-logging.

READ ANSA Well Abandonment
READ ANSA Well Abandonment

Our ISOLATION-view service includes:

1. Processing and quality control of cement evaluation data

2. Performing our Fast Turn Around (FTA) analysis

3. Delivering our report in under 3 hours

We’ll calculate your total cement zonal isolation and total continuous cemented zone. These will be clearly displayed on the report front cover.

Customer benefits:

  • Faster decision making through clearer real-time results
  • Eliminate ambiguity when determining if remedial work is required
  • Simplified quick-view report
  • ISOLATION-view is compatible with all major cement evaluation tools including CAST, USIT, RBT, SBT, ABI-43
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Independent service

Our service is truly impartial. 

We provide 100% unbiased analysis and interpretation for all major service company cased hole data.

We can support your operations no matter which technology supplier or tool manufacturer is involved.

With ANSA, you get total transparency of your data.

Quality guaranteed

We have a solid track record in data analysis spanning three decades. Moreover, our team of expert analysts have more than 150 years of combined experience.

So your data really is in safe and qualified hands.

All ANSA reports adhere to a stringent quality control process as part of our robust quality management system. Likewise, each analysis is peer reviewed to guarantee excellence every time. This covers the survey overview and objectives; data quality; processing and analysis steps; interpretation results; and field paperwork

READ ANSA Well Abandonment

Historical log review for well abandonment

Could you have masses of untapped intelligence about your wells within your organization? Often, existing datasets can be tucked away. Their true value can remain unexploited, often for many years.

Importantly, legacy data can be extremely beneficial to P&A program planning. Our team of experts can help you unlock further value from surveys you have already acquired by reviewing historical data to determine the need for logging runs.

This can be a simple review of a PDF log. It can be digitized and reprocessed data. Or it can be a full study including casing integrity data, lithology logs and cement reports.

READ ANSA Historical Data Analysis

1980 CBL – monopole cement bond (amplitude)

2002 SBT – segmented bond tool (attentuation)

2019/20 CAST-CBL – circumferential acoustic scanner tool (impedence)

Additional well abandonment services

All over the world, we provide operators with crucial insight into their subsurface lithology to support safe and efficient end-of-well operations.

Certain formations, such as shale and salt, can create a seal within the annulus. So we analyse casing integrity data acquired using multifinger caliper or ultrasonic technologies, alongside cement evaluation data. With this information, we can determine if your formation could potentially be acting as an effective barrier in conjunction with cement already in place.

In short, you can trust our geoscientific experts to conduct a thorough review of new and/or historical data about your formation. They’ll combine it with their in-depth knowledge of the world’s regional geologies to bring certainty to your P&A decision making.

We provide comprehensive cased hole analysis training programs for both operators and service companies. This helps you build your in-house data analytics capabilities.

Furthermore, we can integrate seamlessly with your team to provide expert insights during on-the-job training. We’ll help with your pre-job planning by delivering impartial advice on logging programs and tool selection.

Also, we are happy to perform an independent review of any third party technical logging proposals you’ve received.

READ ANSA Well Abandonment
READ ANSA Well Abandonment

Cement Evaluation

We help you gain a clear understanding of the performance of your barriers.

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