Well Integrity

Insightful solutions to support safe, cost-effective and efficient well integrity management

Well Integrity

We are experts in well integrity evaluation and for nearly 30 years we’ve been delivering data analytics solutions to operators and service companies alike.

Well integrity evaluation means getting the full picture of your well’s barrier performance. It’s about understanding the structural integrity of your tubing, casing, liners and cement, to ultimately manage risk, extend operating life and optimise the management of your wells across their life-cycle.

ANSA’s experience in well integrity is second to none, with our team of analysts collectively having analysed thousands of wells from all over the globe. 

Asset integrity is a fundamental aspect of the profitable operation of any oil and gas project.

Well Integrity Services

The Multifinger Caliper is the work-horse of the well integrity world and the ANSA team can work with any caliper data-set, no matter the technology supplier.

The tool’s radial measurements allow for the reconstruction of the internal geometry of tubing and casing, enabling the diagnostic of a number of potential failure modes throughout the entire life-cycle of a well.

Multifinger caliper data can also provide valuable insight into well accessibility issues, not only through the direct measurement of smaller than expected IDs but also when evaluated with advanced data analytics methods, revealing the tubular’s true 3D geometry.

Whether evaluating deposition, drilling wear, plug and packer setting optimal positioning, ANSA can give you the detailed analysis you need to quickly identify integrity issues and make qualified decisions about appropriate remedial action.

At ANSA we are highly experienced in processing and analysing data form a variety of magnetic thickness tools. Whatever the technology in use, our experts can add value to your operation.

This family of logging tools allow the evaluation of your asset’s multiple barriers without the need of pulling the tubing. Being able to see through scale and deposits, the condition of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd barrier can be evaluated in a single run in-hole.

We can advise you on your magnetic logging strategy, how to best combine it with other technologies and ultimately help you getting the information you need about the condition of your well barriers.

Ultrasonic technology can deliver high accuracy ID and Thickness measurements of both tubing and casing.

Often deploying a revolving transducer, these tools operate by measuring the ultrasonic waveforms reflected by both the internal and external interfaces of the tubular being inspected. These can reveal issues such as corrosion, mechanically induced damage and deformation.

If you need the most accurate results from your ultrasonic data, be it to conduct crucial burst and pressure calculations or to allow for timelapse studies, the ANSA team can deliver expert analysis irrespective of which technology/vendor was used during the data acquisition phase.

Well Abandonment

Independent P&A analysis solutions for confident end-of-well decisions.

Training Courses

We offer comprehensive training in production log analysis, well integrity and reservoir evaluation.

Cement Evaluation

We help you gain a clear understanding of the performance of your barriers.

READ Cased Hole

Specialist well integrity technologies and services to give you the full picture of your well's performance.

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