Well Testing PTA/RTA

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Well Testing PTA / RTA

Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) and Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) are incredibly powerful tools to increase the evaluation accuracy and to maximise the value obtained from production and flowing pressure data.

The ANSA team counts on specialists with years of experience and access to best-in-class software to push the boundaries when it comes to furthering the understanding of your reservoir.



ANSA unlocks the value from your well’s pressure and temperature data.

Well Testing Services

Predicting future deliverability and understanding skin damage, permeability, reservoir geometry as well as evaluating the presence of limits or boundaries nearby. All of these are answers Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) can offer.

With the high costs associated with well testing it is fundamental you get the most of your data. That’s when ANSA’s expertise and experience makes all the difference, with the capability to deploy advanced analysis techniques  we deliver accurate results  even on the most challenging scenarios such as double-porosity systems and multi-layer reservoirs.

In the early stages of a well’s life-cycle, obtaining reliable estimated ultimate recovery numbers can be a very complex challenge.

Changes to operating conditions can invalidate Decline Curve Analysis but Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) takes that into account so forecasts can be created without resorting to simulations. 

If understanding your reserves is a top priority then this technique is a must have in your toolkit.

Cement Evaluation

Our experience and expertise can give you a clear understanding of the performance of your barriers.

Production Logging

We have supported PLTs in hundreds of wells and analysed millions of feet of log data.

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